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Lagisatu.com-Find Cheap Hotels

Lagisatu.com-Find Cheap Hotels

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LagiSatu.com is the first ever hotel search engine to be developed in Malaysia. Users can 

search thousands of hotels over multiple networks to find the best price in just one click. 

The search engine covers more than a quarter of a million hotels in 180 countries worldwide. 

It is currently available in four languages. 

The site compares the best prices on more than 350,000 hotels across 180 countries, and many 

more destinations and venues are being added to the database every day. LagiSatu.com boasts 

partners that are some of the biggest names in travel, from eBookers to Expedia, and the site 

removes the hassle of trawling through countless websites and trying to find low prices for 

hotel rooms, whether for business travel or leisure purposes.

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