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Location on Google maps Dhaka Bangladesh
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A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. While many believe that travel begins with the journey itself, it’s the art & science of efficient travel planning that paves the way for enriching personal experiences and discoveries. It was a desire to create a world class travel service provider & planner that inspired ARCADE SKYWAY to foray into the challenging and rewarding world of travel. ARCADE SKYWAY LIMITED was established in 2016, with a clear vision to redefine the travel experience, while adhering to core values of integrity and a commitment to quality.

ARCADE SKYWAY LIMITED is renowned for its impeccable service, wide array of products, creativity and its dedication to giving customers value for money. The corporate travel management division services all major government and multinational organizations, handling business travel requirements, with dedicated account managers providing comprehensive data analysis and exclusive travel solutions. ARCADE SKYWAY LIMITEDhas been at the forefront of travel innovation & technological advancement, and continues to flourish by adopting the best industry practices and by continually ushering in its own new ideas.

Our Values:

  • We have excellent work environment
  • We have great professional team
  • We give equal importance to each and every individual
  • We always provide best possible support for every customer
  • We always update ourselves with the latest information

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