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Galileo System Integration

Galileo System Integration
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Trawex Technologies provides Global Reservation System services for the travel industry through its online reservation software, advanced products and innovative, online solutions. Galileo Reservation System is a value-added aggregator of travel inventory, committed to supporting its clients and, through them, expanding choices for travelers worldwide. Integrating with global distribution systems will provide a lot of benefits like easy online connectivity, instant updates, best rates, etc. With this option, you can have your business centralized and consistent. Import airline tickets from Amadeus or Galileo thus creating new reservations.

Galileo GDS System provides:

         Airline Booking Engine

         Hotel Booking Engine

         Tour Planner Engine

         Car Booking Engine


         Cruise Booking Engine

         Train Booking Engine


Galileo Reservation System is a leading global distribution services (GDS). Galileo Web Services enables travel firms, technology development partners and suppliers of airline, hotel, car, rail and cruise services to seamlessly integrate Galileo data and functions into their applications via the Internet, thereby reducing development time, effort, maintenance and operating expenses.

Galileo Booking Software is an efficient tool that manages booking and change arrangements with lowest effort. All of us in the industry know the value of Galileo Booking Software, as access to GDS in all forms and times is un-arguable for all factor. All the travel firms hence are on the look for an efficient online reservation system, yet easy to manage solution to handle booking and change arrangements. With electronic ticketing, an electronic ticket record is created in the validating carrier's database.

Galileo GDS provides the following functionality to support electronic ticketing:

         Productivity of electronic ticket records

         Refund electronic ticket records

         Access to electronic ticket reports held within an flight’s system

         Issuance of Agent and Passenger vouchers

         Revalidate electronic ticket records

         Void electronic ticket records

         Exchange electronic tickets into another electronic ticket


Galileo travel software is dedicated to expanding travel industry options in the worldwide economic climate. Galileo is also the leader in innovative airline IT software solutions all over the world. They also offer significant airline data management solutions and data intelligence products for a number of today’s leading airline carriers. Their global distribution services are integrated to reduce costs and maintain excellent working relationships with their clients and suppliers.

The main tool of the Travel Industry is the online Reservations System or CRS. These online reservation system are more accurately known as Global Distribution Systems or GDS. Using a GDS efficiently is the key skill of Travel Industry employees in areas where reservations for travel product are made.

Galileo Desktop is a sophisticated global reservation, business administration and productivity system that give you vast content choices, accurate pricing capabilities, and highly capable reservation tools. It allows you to access the most advanced tools for searching, pricing, booking and ticketing airline, hotel, car rental and other travel-related content available through the Galileo global distribution system.

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